A Good Story

Somebody paid for my breakfast this morning and it was literally made my year.

Kris needed some extra sleep today and I needed to get out of the house. I’ve been budgeting and meal planing and cooking non-stop (or so it feels) and I seriously needed a break. I bundled up the girls and we headed off to Bob’s- our favorite breakfast spot. I was super nervous because I have never taken the girls to a sit-down dining restaurant by myself before (I’m not counting Chick-Fil-A because they have a rockin play place.) and I was running all the worst case scenarios through my head. (Most of them involved poop.)

The girls were actually the most well behaved they have ever been and we had a blast drawing penguins and coloring Christmas trees as we waited for our food. It was most surprisingly awesome. After we ate, I took our ticket up to pay and the cashier said, “Yup, this bill was already paid. Somebody paid for you.” I was completely shocked and almost started crying.


Because here’s the thing: Somebody saw me. Somebody was kind.

This world is nuts. It seems like it is getting nuttier by the day. There is a lot of fear in our country right now and I literally don’t watch/read the news any more because I cannot handle the tragic stories that are happening (and being sensationalized) every day.

What I don’t hear a lot of are the kind stories. The good stories. The stories that make me say, “There are awesome people in this world and there is hope yet.”

This was a good story.

A stranger paid for the breakfast of a mom and two little girls because of the kindness in his/her heart.

A stranger encouraged a mom who has been having a really hard time and was feeling like she was reaching a breaking point.

A stranger blessed two little girls who have been battling pneumonia, croup, and the stomach flu over the last two weeks.

A stranger saw somebody and said, “I’m going make their day better.”

There are good people. There are good stories.

And although it was not on some grand scale it made me think of this quote.


Interestingly enough, Edmund Burke also said this:


It was a little gesture this morning that made a huge impact on my day and my heart. It was an act of goodness that showed people still love people. Humanity is still good. Evil will not prevail or win because good people will do something. Even if it is simply buying the breakfast of a mom and her two daughters.

I wish I could say thank you to whomever it was that bought our meal. You were truly a blessing to me and a very bright spot in my little world.



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