Buying a Car and Snacks

I should probably preface this with the fact that I’m eight months pregnant. (SURPRISE! I’M PREGNANT AGAIN!!!!!)

Just kidding! I WAS eight months pregnant when I began writing this. It’s important to the story.

Let’s start again.

I should probably preface this with the fact that I’m eight months pregnant and if you offer me snacks I might just become your best friend…

When we met Corey, I was kind of in a bad mood. I don’t remember why… I think I was just tired. If you read my parenting posts you know I’m usually tired, and the further I get along in this pregnancy the more tired I get. Yup, I’m going to start blaming everything on this pregnancy… I am that person. You’re welcome.

(SIDE NOTE: Corey is a car salesman. Why were we seeing a car salesman? Um…SOMEBODY BOUGHT US A CAR. Seriously. We were given a miracle car and that post  is coming soon. Trust me, it’s a really good/amazing story.)


I don’t know if Corey has had experience dealing with grumpy pregnant women, but, immediately upon meeting me, he offered me hot chocolate. (Things to know about me: 1. I LOVE HOT CHOCOLATE! 2. See number 1.)

Corey didn’t even ask me about cars. He met us at the door and literally said, “Come on inside. You want some hot chocolate?”

“No,” I said. (See, I was being grumpy.)

To which Kris looked at me incredulously and said, “You? YOU are turning down hot chocolate?”

This motivated Corey to ask me again if I was sure, adding that I could also get a snack. So basically in the first five minutes of our car buying experience all we talked about was food.

thumbs up


I may have been grumpy, but this was not lost on me. Good move, Corey, good move.

We told Corey our budget and the type of car we wanted. Looking back, he probably should have laughed at us. We were a little bit green in our research. However, he straight-faced said, “Okay, well tell me what you want to test drive so you can see if you even like it before we get into all the sales stuff.” Something about his confidence made me feel like we would be able to find our dream car, yet he was so laid-back and willing to let us make the decisions that I didn’t feel like he was trying to just make a sale. We did the test drives, went back to his office, talked numbers and realized there was nothing in our price range. He promised us that if something came in he would call us. Again, making us feel pretty good about our situation.

At first I kept wondering why Corey didn’t call, but over the next few weeks we did our research and realized our dream car was not within our grasp. I realized Corey had just been really nice to us, but also wasn’t going to try and sell us something we didn’t want or need. It was then we realized we had to let the dream car die. We reassessed our true needs, our budget, our wants and decided to try out the Honda CR-V.

This is where we met Mitchell. (DUN DUN DUNNNNNNN) I call him Mitchell. It’s not his real name. I’m using this partly because I don’t want to throw somebody under the bus on my blog, but also because my pregnancy brain is SO bad that I really did call him Mitchell all day thinking it was his real name. Mitchell. He was 20, and no offense to 20-year-olds, but I am really not interested in your financial advice. #sorrynotsorrybutkindasorry

We walked in the door and, before it had even shut behind us, Mitchell eagerly began a whole-hearted sales pitch (I do have to give him credit for gusto) not even knowing what we wanted, my name or the fact that I was (again) grumpy.

I quickly interrupted and said, “Can I please sit down? I’m really pregnant and I don’t want to have to stand.” We were literally STILL standing in the doorway. He obliged and led us to a small table, to which I immediately noted no snacks or hot chocolate were offered. Rookie mistake, Mitch, rookie mistake. Want to sell more cars? Give pregnant ladies food. They will be happy and more inclined to listen to you.

At this point, I expressed what we were looking for and the man-boy immediately suggested we buy a new car instead because this was obviously so much better than what we thought we actually wanted/needed…

Image result for what the hell look


Dear Mitchell, please stop.

But, see, here’s the thing, he didn’t stop. Couldn’t stop. Wouldn’t stop!!! He pulled a brand new car up to the front and insisted I get in. I obliged, but it made me ragey.

After about five minutes of obligatory car sitting we expressed that we didn’t like the car and left as quickly as we could. Do you want to know where we went? Right back to Corey’s loving arms and sweet promises of hot chocolate. I’m not even kidding. We walked in, and I said, “Can I have hot chocolate now?” (This was literally a couple of weeks later and yeah, I know I have issues.) Then Kris chimed in with, “And a snack?” (Yes, we are also this many.) And Corey didn’t even flinch. He was all like, “Duh, you came to the right place… follow me, and, by the way, there’s extra snacks here (points to cupboard) in case you fatties eat all of the ones we already put out.” Okay so he didn’t really call us fatties, but he did show us the secret stash. I love Corey.

List of weird things I love:

  1. Corey
  2. Epidurals
  3. Pizza (not weird…but weird to love)
  4. I can’t think of anything else.

Not necessarily in that order.

Oh yeah, and hot chocolate.

And guess who we bought a car from? Corey.

We ended up with the perfect car for our family that matched our needs exactly. AND I LOVE IT!

Image result for silver honda CRV 2011

*Disclaimer* I did not really buy a car based on who gave me more snacks. I’m not an idiot.

PPS. Corey texted me after we drove away that night and said, “Check out the glove box.” It was filled with snacks! As was the center console and the other glove boxy thing. Anybody looking to buy a car? I know a guy.


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