Being A Mom Is…

Being a mom is the hardest thing I have ever done.

It is late nights and early mornings.

It is praying for bedtime and then immediately missing your kids when they are asleep.

Being a mom is hiding in my bedroom eating a “nack” because you know if your children see it they will immediately want it because obviously whatever mom has it tastes 10x better, even when it is the exact same thing.

Being a mom is texting your other mom friends at three in the morning to say, “Just sayin’ hi. I figured you would be up too.”

It is googling diseases, parenting tips, sleeping tips, sanity tips.

It is living in fear that every other mom is judging you, but when you sit down and talk to them you realize they are all pretty much doing the exact same things. (Hi, Daniel Tiger! We love you.)

Being a mom is mastering the bribe- though before being a mom you swear you will never bribe your child.

Being a mom is being a wrangler: wrangling your kids into their clothes, their diapers, their car seats, the grocery cart…

Being a mom is literally getting pooped on, peed on, thrown up on and then realizing one day you don’t even think that is a very big deal.

It is getting yelled at and loved on all in a matter of one minute.

It is a job where you constantly feel like you are failing, but then have moments when your kid does something so great, so unexpectedly and your heart soars.

Being a mom is the ability to have every emotion (happy, sad, angry, in-love, worried, confident, etc) in the span of one day…basically being a mom means you are insane.

Being a mom is buying a package of goldfish or a banana immediately upon arrival to a grocery store because you will need reinforcements.

Being a mom is sometimes pretending you don’t smell the stinky diapers so your husband has to do the dirty work.

It is being proud of the smallest accomplishments and weirdest things: (The first smile, the first word, the first time they hold their hands straight out behind them, hunch over and run through the house looking like a pterodactyl.)

It is feeling like you are constantly tied down and don’t have a minute for yourself, but at the same time fearing the day when you aren’t tied down and have all the minutes for yourself.

It is kissing ouchies, soothing bad dreams, cuddling tight during a bad thunderstorm.

Being a mom is loving greater than you ever thought you could love.

Being a mom is the greatest thing I have ever done.

my babies



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