Marriage Monday: BIG ANNOUNCEMENT!

We are adding a sister-wife!

Just kidding!

Did anybody really believe that? Come on, guys.

Okay, here’s the real announcement!


Kris and I will be leading a marriage class at the church every Thursday night in February! We are SO excited about this! I believe there is a HUGE need for marriage ministry and have long desired to be a part of such ministry. I have talked with so many couples who struggle and a lot of times they feel like they are the only ones. The one thing I have learned since being married is that EVERYBODY has good/bad/encouraging/trying times in their marriages. It is a fight to stay married and to daily choose one another. Yet, it is SO worth it!

We hope that YOU will come to our class! We hope you will bring your friends, family, people you know who are married and who could use a boost. So often, since we think we are the only ones who have to work hard at our marriage, we are reluctant to talk about how things really are. It can be isolating and feed into more problems. Here is your opportunity to be in safe place, focus on your spouse, and be loved by community! Kris and I will be sharing some personal stories from our marriage, we will glean some wisdom from a Love & Respect DVD series, there will be times of discussion/exercises (nothing too scary or weird!) with your spouse and the opportunity to receive prayer over your marriage. We will have give-a-ways…some of our favorite marriage books/tools and one grand-prize of a special date night out.

Seriously, we hope you will come and we hope you will spread the word. Young and old can benefit from this class! AND there will be child care! Kids will have their own class going on during this time (think stories, crafts, games, food) and they will be learning about missions in the Middle East! Nursery care is also available.

Now, if this doesn’t strike your fancy… there will be two other classes happening that same night. A class taught by Paul Pittman (who is an excellent Bible scholar and teacher) called “Why Did Jesus Have To Die?” and Lifetree Cafe which will be led by Pastor Phil. I can assure you that both of these things would be worth checking out and you won’t be disappointed by either of them!

So, let’s review:


Hope to see you there!


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