Meeting God

024Do we really want to meet God?

Not in a go to heaven kinda way, everybody wants that. I mean here, now, today…do we really want to meet God? To know God?

We often make the big pledges:

  • God I love you
  • God help me
  • God save me
  • God give me ____________
  • I love God
  • I am a Christian
  • I plan on being in heaven one day

But is it ever just that for us? Big promises…big pledges. At times it has been for me. Studying philosophy and religion in undergrad, going to seminary, working as a pastor – it is easy to get caught up in the big stuff. The demand to write another paper about God, to read a book explaining a theological position, debates about this or that makes it easy to forget the little stuff.

How do we meet with God? How do we meet God daily?

People often ask me this question. They want to know why God feels distant or how to hear from God.

I think it is less about the big pledges and more about the little stuff.

  • Do I seek to find God throughout the day?
  • Do I concern myself with the things God is concerned with?
  • Am I willing to listen if he talks?
  • Am I willing to let go parts of me to become more like Him?
  • Am I willing to be obedient and seek him even when I don’t feel him, hear him, see him? (Often I have found times of waiting and silence become the most beneficial for my spiritual life.)

My prayer for you is that you will enter today with a heart turned toward God. I pray that you will seek him, that you will find him. I pray you will not be content to live your life making the big promises, but that you will begin to make the little things a priority. Amen and Amen.


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