Foto Friday

Our conversation went like this:

Me: I bought some soap today from one of those thrift stores downtown.

Kris: You bought soap from a thrift store? (With a look of disgust.)

Me: Oh, yeah that sounds bad. It was unused.


The little bean bag got to meet her Great Grandmother the other day. I’m pretty sure they were both in love! Although, she apparently was very surprised to have her picture taken.


Our little family.


I sent this next photo to Kris in order to bribe him to bring me food. We were having a rough day. A had her shots and I somehow managed to pull all the muscles in my neck. (That may or may not be an exaggeration.) Lots of tears and pain as you can clearly see in the picture. And yes, she bit me.


Speaking of little Miss A, somebody turned 4 months old! Unfortunately, she still weighs less than Mr. Chuckles. They are slowly becoming friends.

20141112_190855 20141112_191340

I tried a new deodorant this week. It’s all-natural. Therefore, don’t be surprised if I smell…all-natural. Seriously, does anybody have any good recommendations for an all-natural deodorant? I’m wanting to move away from aluminum based.

My self-imposed time out these last couple weeks required that Kris and I go on a couple of dates. It was really nice to get away and spend some time focusing on our relationship. The first week I forgot about our dentist appointments and scheduled our date in the same time slot. We made the most of it and hit the dentist for the first part of our date. Today, we went to breakfast and then got some grocery shopping out of the way. We can’t seem to get a normal picture… ever.

20141114_10305420141114_10310520141114_103126There it is.

We swung into Target to make a return and I just had to check out their boots. I have been wanting a brown pair for about two or three years now. I had yet to pull the trigger because I didn’t want to spend the money. However, I guess if I still want something after three years, I must really want it. I tried on these boots:

Women's Mossimo Supply Co. Khloe Fold Over BootsAfter I put them on I could just tell Kris wanted to say something. “What?” I asked. “You look like a lumberjack…” he laughed. Not even kidding, a woman walked by almost immediately and exclaimed, “Oh my gosh! Those are sooo cute!” We died. I also found a great pair of black boots on clearance. Kris told me they looked like “witch” shoes. The woman cashier said about them, “Oh my gosh! Those are sooo cute!” Clearly, there is a difference in how men and women perceive shoes.

Tam Tam 2Have a great weekend and remember, let the tambourines ring!


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