Bangin’ On My Tam Tam

If you follow me on Facebook then you likely saw this picture

Tam Tam 3and this one

Tam Tam 2and then this one

Tam Tam 1Um.. I would like to go on record and say, “I LOVE tambourines!”

I’m not going to mention any names, but somebody who I love dearly totally turned me off to this magical instrument. (See above photo.) Apparently, they had a bad tambourine experience, so thus by solidarity, I, too, hated tambourines. Anyway, I attended a conference yesterday and, joy upon all joys, I went to lunch, and when I returned there was magically a tambourine in my seat!

I don’t know who thought of this, but BEST.IDEA.EVER!

Until 1.5 seconds later when a guy gets on stage and asks everybody to, “Please put your tambourines quietly under your seat because we will not be using them until the next session.”

Um, no thanks. This tambourine is now in my possession, and I cannot be held responsible for what happens next because if I don’t shake this tambourine it is going to grow legs and dance on its own. Come on, you wouldn’t give a four-year-old a bag of candy and tell them not to eat it all. You don’t give me a tambourine (or any noise maker for that matter) and tell me I have to be quiet.

Somebody next to me (Kris) put his under his seat. Then the music started and somebody else (me) began shaking and beating the tambourine uncontrollably. In case you are worried about my dignity, don’t be. I held back. I could have run up on the stage and danced. Yes, I wanted to. No, I didn’t. But I did boogie down with my other tambourine new best friends rebels. It.Was.Awesome.


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