Vote- Controversial Post Ahead

Some of you may not agree with what I have to say or my actions in this post. That is okay. We can disagree and still be friends. We can disagree and still show respect and love for one another. After all, we are all simply fellow sojourners trying to make it the best we can to our final destination. Please if you disagree or if you disagree with another person who comments on this, feel free to share your opinion, but I ask that you do it in love. Allow your voice to be heard, but allow others to share their point of view as well. And as always, let us continue pushing each other forward to be more like Christ.

i-voted-stickerI heard this phrase numerous times on Tuesday. I saw many Facebook posts prompting people to share their voice, to get out there and vote, to be heard and no matter what- vote. I listened to the news as they pleaded with the people, “There is still time to get to your poles. Get out there and do it.”

Frankly, I don’t understand this sentiment. Here’s why. First, do we really want people voting who have not done their research? Do we really want people voting just to vote. People who may have no idea what kind of decision they are making? Where were all the pleas in the weeks leading up to the vote of, “Educate yourself! Prepare yourself to make a major decision that could affect the outcome of our country for future years!” I saw smear campaigns running up until the vote. I saw some people post who they were voting for and encourage others to do the same. I did not see anybody with the same gusto encouraging people to prepare themselves for the vote, sharing sites where people could be educated as I saw with people just encouraging others to simply vote.

Second, where was the call to prayer? Tuesday was all about ourselves. Our choice. Our feelings. Our desires. Where was the Christian community calling out to one another and saying, “I prayed today. Did you pray today?” More than I voted today, did you vote? Where was the question, “Did you get out there and fall on your knees and ask God for mercy for our country, our government, our people?” Long after we are gone and long after our voices have been heard, there will be issues, challenges, new generations rising up. More than needing our voices heard, isn’t it crucial to beg God for mercy and favor in our governing process. Isn’t it crucial that we ask God for his way to prevail among our nation? Isn’t it crucial that we ask God to move in spite of us, to forgive us if we are making a choice that goes against His way, His plan, His people? We can’t possibly know the effects that our votes will carry. Can we? If you can, please please tell me how and I say this with utmost sincerity.

*Warning this part might make you mad*

There is NO Christian party. God cares about abortion and unborn babies, God cares about the environment (He created it and asked us to take care of it for pete’s sake), God cares about war, God cares about the poor, God cares about immigrants, God cares about sexual orientation. IT IS ALL IN THE BIBLE. God cares about ALL THE ISSUES.

I am so mad because our country is so divided. I am so mad because I don’t believe there is one good option. I stand in the voters booth (yes, I did go and vote) and I cry out because how can we truly know the ways of man and how can we truly know the ways of God? Yet, we run around and act like we have all the answers. We encourage others to do the same.

WE ARE WILLING TO BE DIVIDED AS THE BODY OF CHRIST OVER OUR OWN OPINIONS ON POLITICAL CANDIDATES. We are willing to tear each other down over something that is temporary when we are called to focus on the eternal.

Does this not make God weep?

Full disclosure: I did not vote for a president during the last election. I voted for other things, but as I stood in the voters box I could not bring myself to check one or the other. I bowed my head and I prayed, “Lord Jesus Christ, Son of God have mercy on us, sinners. Have your way oh Lord.”

After this week, I pray it again now. Lord Jesus Christ, Son of God have mercy on us, sinners.



  1. Who could possible find a problem with your blog? It is so well written and accurate, much better than a few of the other blog I’ve read on the subject. I have seen many posts asking us to pray for our country, especially during this election time. But you’re right about the education part. People just don’t like to be bothered. I try to educate myself so that I can make a Godly decision in whom I cast my vote. The thing I try to take comfort in is that I know whomever is in office, God has placed them there. He place Pharoah in his position so that he would not let his people go throughout the plagues so that He could show his might, power and love for his people. Same as in our country, and every other country on this planet. He places evil rulers and Godly rulers for the ultimate purpose of His glorification. Therefore, I have no problem voting for whom I believe is best for our nation. I admit sometimes I arrogantly argue with God as to why He chose certain leader. I hate it when someone is elected into office that I know will be detrimental to our country and is openly against Godly things, and believe it is our duty to call them out on their wrong, and sometimes downright evil ways. But none the less, God has placed them there for His purpose. Keep on writing. You are wonderful and talented, and we are blessed to have you as a leader in our church!

    • Very well said! Thank you for the reminder that good or bad God is in control and is working for His purpose!
      Thank you for the encouragement! I really hope to lead well and in a godly way. I really appreciate your kind words!

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