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What has been going on…

I preached last Sunday, which if you are interested you can listen to it on our church website. Please let me know if you would like the link! Here’s a little secret. I have never gone back and listened to one of my sermons. Scratch that, I did once, for preaching class because they made me. Other than that, I have never gone back and listened to it. I need to because every public speaker knows that this is how you improve. But… I can’t. I cringe when I hear my voice on tape and I want to run and put my head in a hole. Why does my voice sound so different in my head? Actually, Melody, can you answer this? (Melody is my awesome sister-in-love who is rocking a career in speech pathology.)

Anyway, I really do love preaching. I love studying the Bible. I love breaking down the text. I love applying it to my life and offering it to others to join me on the journey. I’m thankful that I have the chance to do it.

Today is Halloween. Here’s a secret about that. This picture was taken one year ago today.

Kris and Me the day we found out we were having a babyWe had just found out I was pregnant. Kris had told me to stop buying pregnancy tests because APPARENTLY I overused them and they were expensive. So while he was still sleeping, Halloween morning, I slipped out and went to the store for spinach and just happened to come home with a pregnancy test. Well he couldn’t really be mad because one year later…

IMG_20141031_091447Boo! Halloween baby! (And yes, I woke up Kris by yelling, Happy Halloween and giving him the pregnancy test in a gift bag.)

Right now I am reading this book:

Erin lent it to me and it is totally messing me up. I already thanked her for that. Why is it messing me up? Because she says things like this:

“Rabbi, I want to see.” Bartimaeus asked for the most basic human need. In biblical times blindness meant he was considered cursed by God which made him unclean, which made him an outcast, which made him a beggar. Unlike James and John who nine verses earlier asked to sit at Jesus’ right and left hand in glory (predicated by the awesome demand, “Teacher, we want You to do for us whatever we ask”), Bartimaeus only asked for mercy. This is like the starving asking for food, the orphan asking for parents, the homeless asking for shelter, the sick asking for medicine; basic human needs – food, shelter, care, love. These aren’t tangled up in power or position; they aren’t born out of entitlement or greed. They are a plea for mercy, the cry of every human heart…The poor world is begging for mercy like Bartimaus, while the rich world is asking for more favor like James and John…I wondered if the American church was like well-mannered nice-talkers, sitting in a living room sipping coffee, talking about choir practice, while the world burns down outside our windows. While the richest people on earth pray to get richer, the rest of the world begs for intervention with their faces pressed to the window, watching us drink our coffee, unruffled by their suffering. It’s just not right.

This book is powerful. It is challenging and it is awesome. The basic premise is that Jen (and friends) took seven months and each month they completed some sort of fast related to clothes, spending, waste, food, possessions, media and stress. The goal for her was repentance in areas of greed, ungratefulness, ruined opportunities, and irresponsibility. Secondly, it was for preparation…for the rest of the life she has yet to live.


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