Marriage Monday: Grace

IMG_2472Sometimes I brag about my husband. Not because we have the perfect marriage and he’s the perfect man, we don’t and he isn’t. I brag about him because I firmly believe as wives we are sometimes too hard on our husbands. It is easy to get in a group and complain about all the things our men do wrong. I’m not saying I never talk about this. I have a few close friends who I share personal details with about my marriage and the struggles that Kris and I face. I am talking about husband bashing. Sharing the things he does wrong, not to better our marriage or figure out how to work through stuff, but just to bash because I am frustrated. So, I brag on my husband. In public I try and build him up as much as possible. I want him to know that I respect him, I value him and I am on his side when I am with my friends or away from him. I want him to know that I will speak highly of him and take every opportunity I have to compliment him, not tear him down.

With that said…I am going to brag on my husband here. Why? Because he deserves it. He has shown me a lot of grace lately and I feel like I can really take notes and start taking a page from his book.

How he has shown me grace this week:

1. When I hit a pothole and blew out a tire he told me, “Good job! That was a good tire to blow out because it was an older tire and now we get it replaced under the warranty instead of having to pay $135 for it.”

2. After a long day at church he asked me this question, “Would you like me to rub your feet first or go to the store first?” (Seriously, somebody pinch me because how awesome was this question?)

3. When A started crying for what felt like the 50th time in one day and therefore I started crying (okay sobbing my eyes out) Kris kindly took her and put her to bed and then came and put his arm around me and said, “It’s okay.”

4. He cleaned the kitty litter box even though that is my chore.

5. He encouraged me to make some hard choices that I need to make- despite how it may affect him.

Grace…it feels really good to receive it.


One comment

  1. We live in a time that bashing men and treating them helpless idiots seems to be the norm (I am shocked by the commercials on TV!). What a blessing it is, not only to your husband, but to all those who will be influenced by your loving example. Building each other up, extending grace, and loving patiently are all beautiful examples for Christ’s love for us. Thank you for sharing! ~Blessings~

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