Marriage Monday: Good Old Days

I wish there was a way to know that you are in the good old days before you’ve actually left them.” Andy Bernard, The Office.

Kris and I randomly got into a conversation the other night that started with the phrase, “Remember that time…” and by the end of the conversation with were both cracking up, enjoying the memories of “the good old days.” Except the ironic thing is, as the quote above says, we had no idea at the time that those moments would make up the beginning of our good old days.

Remember when:

  • We first started dating and you were working at The Vitamin Shoppe and would bike/walk 1.5 miles to get there because you didn’t have a car
  • I worked three jobs during seminary, while getting engaged to you because I was insane (working three jobs…not getting engaged)
  • The night we got engaged and you were sick and had tons of homework and asked if we could do dinner on a different night and I said no and made you go out in the rain because I had a plan in my head of how I was going to propose
  • You found out you had a mandatory meeting with the president of the seminary on the night we got engaged and when you found out the meeting was mandatory you called me and shouted, “The world is against us!”
  • We went on a date for Valentine’s Day to one of the nicest restaurants in LA (thank you, Group On) and we didn’t know they had valet parking. When we pulled up in our car that had half the paint missing on it, with a broken trunk (and broken floorboards for that matter) they not only looked at us like we were all types of crazy, but then they couldn’t even open my door to let me out of the car because our car didn’t have doorhandles!
  • Three weeks into dating I got trench mouth (but not really trench mouth) and had to use hydrogen peroxide as mouthwash and couldn’t eat solid foods because my stress levels were so high? You gave me a hug and told me it was okay that I had trench mouth. Why did you keep dating me?
  • We got married and then lived 9 months in a basement with no friends, no jobs and no money?

It made me think, what are the good old days that we are in right now?

  • Learning how to do life with a baby… oh my oh my
  • Days of tiny socks and tiny pants and strange arguments that because of lack of sleep start with, “You looked at me funny…”
  • Chuckles constantly harassing Kris (he is in a stage right now where he steals anything Kris leaves on the bathroom counter. You can read more about their relationship here.)
  • Having one car, working at the same place and pretty much spending 24/7 together
  • Working as young(er) pastors in a place far far away from “home”

Each new stage of life brings many blessings and challenges to marriage: job transitions, moves to a new place, children, financial changes, etc. Isn’t it tempting to sometimes wish yourself out of certain situations? To look forward, to want something different. I’m letting this quote inspire me today. I want to be present in the good old days and to live fully present in my marriage as we walk through these days together. I want to look back and be able to say, “Those were the good old days and we lived them to their fullest and these are the good new days and here we are.”

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