Shopping with Randi

I went to Walmart at the beginning of July with my Moodle (mom) to look for some dried cranberries. We were going to make a salad and it was going to be bomb. We searched and searched and searched and alas it appeared that there were no dried cranberries to be found. Thinking this was quite strange, I approached a woman worker who took me to the “cranberry” aisle and this is what we found.

20140904_125959If you can’t tell, those are raisins. And they were not even stacked this nicely. I went back later and snapped a pic. When I was there, there were about three boxes and they were all tipped over.

So this nice lady concluded that they probably didn’t have any, but it wasn’t her section so she took me over to a different worker who worked in food to be sure. A young male… bless his heart, boy was just there earning a paycheck and don’t know nothing about dried cranberries. I asked him where to find them. He looked a little confused, thought about it, started to look confident (like he had totally just came up with the right answer) and said, “I think they are out of season right now. Yeah, they are out of season. We don’t carry them right now.”

Um… okay. Dude, they are a dried fruit, prepacked in a bag probably loaded with preservatives. Preservatives aint seasonal. WHERE MY CRANBERRIES?

The woman and I just looked at each other and gave each other “that look.” She whispered for me to go to the grocery store down the street. So I did, and look what I found.


Lesson 1: If you want dried cranberries, go to Food Maxx, not Walmart.

So now, about the cumin. Kris and I eat a lot of Mexican food. WE LOVE IT. Tacos, enchiladas, fajitas, guacamole, rice, chips, salsa. Seriously, all good. We eat it at least once a week if not more and so we use a lot of cumin when we cook. The other night Kris ran to Raley’s and I reminded him to get the cumin. We were out.

Not too long later I get this text:

2014-10-09 09.32.33So Kris had some options. In the spice aisle, he could buy 2 oz of cumin for $5. In the HISPANIC aisle he could buy 16 OZ OF CUMIN FOR $6.

Again, ummmm okay. I’ll shop in the Hispanic aisle any day of the week and twice on Sunday at these prices. Actually I would do it without these prices because I LOVE MEXICAN FOOD. Not sure why I felt the need to shout that, but I totally did in my head.

Lesson 2: When buying spices, don’t immediately run to the spice aisle. Check out the other aisles first. You just might be surprised.

This concludes our shopping with Randi segment. I hope you learned something. I hope you laughed. I hope you cried. See you next week.


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  1. Good to know! Cumin rice is amazing! I just started using it more and I am determined to make the hummus recipe on the jar!

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