Did you come here thinking I was going to spill my deepest, darkest secrets?

Sorry, this isn’t about that kind of confession… except, well okay, I’ll tell you one.

I once had a young gentleman say he did not want to date me because he did not think I was “serious” enough. He was a “super smart” theology student who couldn’t be bothered with a girl that liked to dress up like a clown and run around campus with her friends knocking on peoples’ windows in the middle of the night with cow skulls… WOW way too many confessions in one sentence!

Out bowling with friends…
Getting ready for a date (I actually wore that dress on my date.)
Homecoming…. notice how nicely the people behind us are dressed. We went as truckers and bag ladies and one cow girl.
I got into a fight… You should have seen the other guy.


In my defense, I lived in a really small town with not much to do on the weekends. You really got to make your own fun sometimes. And in his defense, his friends didn’t think he was very much fun. They tied him to a tree and stole his theology books to try and get him to live a little.


I actually love theology and I love reading. My perfect day would consist of sitting down with the biggest bowl, serving dish, pitcher mug of coffee I can find (pumpkin flavored please…ooo or cinnamon dolce flavor from Starbucks!) and a good book. I love reading different theologies which is why I studied it in college, right along side of Mr. Smarty Pants. Although I did play Snood a lot during my classes… OH MY GOSH STOP CONFESSING THINGS, RANDI!


I’m reading The Confessions by St. Augustine right now as part of my devotional time. Right before he gave his life to the Lord, Augustine prayed this prayer that made me stop in my tracks. If you haven’t noticed, based on yesterday and today, I apparently love stealing other peoples’ prayers and using them myself. #sorrynotsorry

He prayed

And thou, O Lord, how long? How long, O Lord? Wilt thou be angry forever? Oh, remember not against us our former iniquities.” For I felt that I was still enthralled by them. I sent up these sorrowful cries: “How long, how long? Tomorrow and tomorrow? Why not now? Why not this very hour make an end to my uncleanness?”

I love the honesty in his prayer. For him, he felt the weight of his wrong doings and he desired for God to have mercy upon him. But, what I love most is the plea that he makes to God. “Tomorrow and tomorrow? Why not this very hour…” It is like he is saying to God, “If you are going to do this tomorrow, why not just do it today- this very hour.” The story goes on and God answered him immediately.

I’m not saying there is any magic in praying this prayer. Wouldn’t that be awesome? But I am saying that I love that he prayed with such boldness. “Tomorrow and tomorrow? Why not now?”

What would happen if we started praying with such boldness?



  1. Hey Randi! It’s bridget (I was in Kris and Jessie’s wedding!) and I am loving your blog! That prayer is one of boldness, something I lack in my petitions some days. Thanks for the reminder!

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